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    Soccer Recruiters Scouts and Agents

Soccer Recruiters Scouts and Agents

College soccer recruiting? Professional soccer recruiting?


Soccer recruiting – Making it easier for you!


Soccer college recruiting or professional soccer recruiting is time consuming and expensive. Being able to see all of the college soccer players is impossible at times unless they send you a video of their play or by chance you see them on You Tube. We can assist you in your professional soccer recruiting efforts by making the process more efficient and less costly to your organization.


Being a corporate member of Soccer in Motion gives you the ability to scout and begin your college soccer recruiting on your computer – right at your finger tips.

You can:

  • See the best young soccer players play the game by watching their personal videos
  • Review their biographies consisting of personal information, demographics, athletic abilities and education.
  • Search by categories – Male/Female/Age/Position/Grade/Demographics all there in our unique contact management system.
  • Once you have identified a possible candidate they can be contacted directly by e-mail and you begin the recruitment and interview process.

The Satisfaction that comes from finding the Right Recruit And, now that you’re here at Soccer in Motion, the odds of you discovering that player have just improved dramatically.

The Sightlines are Perfect Soccer in Motion has the most complete and comprehensive database of upcoming young elite soccer players currently playing competitive soccer in the world.

And What You See is What You’ll Get Through Soccer in Motion’s personal member website videos and detailed biographies you’ll not only be able to identify a solid young prospect, but have the opportunity to contact and woo your next go-to player.